Commit 71425b68 authored by Remi Perenon's avatar Remi Perenon
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Solving yaxis scale issue

parent 9e17e9d0
......@@ -403,11 +403,11 @@ class Plotter1D(wx.Panel):
elif scaleStr == 'symlog':
elif scaleStr == 'ln':
self.figure.gca().set_yscale('log', basex=numpy.exp(1))
self.figure.gca().set_yscale('log', basey=numpy.exp(1))
elif scaleStr == 'log 10':
self.figure.gca().set_yscale('log', basex=10)
self.figure.gca().set_yscale('log', basey=10)
elif scaleStr == 'log 2':
self.figure.gca().set_yscale('log', basex=2)
self.figure.gca().set_yscale('log', basey=2)
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