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......@@ -207,8 +207,8 @@ elif [ $TASK = "build" ]; then
echo "Revision number is $REV_NUMBER"
# Add current revision number to python source code (will appear in "About..." dialog)
sed -i "/__version__/c\__version__ = '${CI_BUILD_TAG}'" MDANSE/
sed -i "/__revision__/c\__revision__ = '${REV_NUMBER}'" MDANSE/
sed -i '' 's/.*__version__.*/__version__ = \"${CI_BUILD_TAG}\"/' MDANSE/
sed -i '' 's/.*__revision__.*/__revision__ = \"${REV_NUMBER}\"/' MDANSE/
# setup the environment for a visual studio build of MDANSE using microsoft SDK 7.0 and build MDANSE
echo "MDANSE setup and build"
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