Commit c0afa071 authored by Gonzalez, Miguel's avatar Gonzalez, Miguel
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Fix issue #1: Change of resource file from ben to did'

parent 7852eb10
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ bome2=widget_text( bomeg ,value=iom2,/editable ,font=ft_propor ,xsiz
;blab =widget_label (base ,value='.....................' ,font=ft_propor)
base =widget_base( inx_base,/column,resource_name='ben')
base =widget_base( inx_base,/column,resource_name='did')
baso =widget_base( base ,/row)
bid =widget_label( baso ,value="Align from: ",font=ft_b_bigger)
bbgmo=widget_base( baso ,/row,/nonexclusive)
......@@ -3006,8 +3006,8 @@ lab =widget_button(butm ,value='then --> CLICK ON THIS TEXT'
if Tabon then begin & bempty= widget_base(baspara, ysize=50)
baspar4 =widget_base( baspara ,/column,resource_name='ben')
endif else baspar4 =widget_base( baspara,frame=frm,/column,resource_name='ben')
baspar4 =widget_base( baspara ,/column,resource_name='did')
endif else baspar4 =widget_base( baspara,frame=frm,/column,resource_name='did')
BsensB =[BsensB,baspar4]
b4 =widget_base( baspar4,/row)
if lamp_b1 gt 0 then CALL_PROCEDURE,'put_logo',b4
......@@ -3099,7 +3099,7 @@ endelse
;Large draw windows
; -----------------
basdrwL =widget_base( junk1,/column,resource_name='ben',map=0)
basdrwL =widget_base( junk1,/column,resource_name='did',map=0)
b1 =widget_base( basdrwL,/row)
sld0 =widget_slider(b1 ,xsize=125, title='',/drag,uvalue=[22])
;lab =widget_label (b1 ,value=' ' ,font=ft_propor)
......@@ -3151,7 +3151,7 @@ draw0 =widget_draw( basdrwL,colors=-30,xsize=dxs,ysize=dys,/button_event,uval
;Right draw windows
; -----------------
basdrw1 =widget_base( basdraw,frame=frm,/column,resource_name='ben') & BsensB=[BsensB,basdraw]
basdrw1 =widget_base( basdraw,frame=frm,/column,resource_name='did') & BsensB=[BsensB,basdraw]
b1 =widget_base( basdrw1,/row)
bute =widget_base( b1 ,/exclusive,/row)
butcS2 =widget_button(bute ,value='Sum' ,uvalue=[20,1] ,/no_release,font=ft_b_normal)
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