Commit 06ea7093 authored by Abdelali Elaazzouzi's avatar Abdelali Elaazzouzi
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Merge branch 'V3.2_191' of...

Merge branch 'V3.2_191' of into V3.2_191
parents 2aa1a358 264a6c6c
......@@ -551,6 +551,7 @@ std::string VEXPController::getSpyData() {
writer.Key("dTypeScan"); writer.String(scanController->deltaType.get(0).c_str());
writer.Key("runningScan"); writer.Bool(runningScan());
writer.Key("nameScan"); writer.Int(scanController->numor());
writer.Key("startingTime"); writer.String(scanController->startingTime().c_str());
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