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  • v1.1   Version 1.1 for the Cameo projects
    636b218c · Changelog ·
    Release v1.1

    See changelogs.

  • v1.0   Version 1.0 for the Cameo projects
    Release v1.0

    Main change:

    • Replaced protobuf by JSON for the core messages.
    • In C++ API, the protobuf dependency is removed.
    • In C++ API, the dependency to rapidjson dev is added (exposed in the JSON.h file).

    Main changes in the server:

    • Reviewed the requests.

    Important changes in APIs:

    • The functions and methods getEndpoint() return an Endpoint object and not a string.
    • The new implementation of the function or method init() in This is incompatible: in case of unmanaged application, use the new init() with two string parameters.
  • v0.17   Tag for the v0 version with package 17.
    699982b8 · Modified cameo.m4 ·