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......@@ -116,6 +116,30 @@ literal "false"
Tobias Weber
\begin_layout Section*
December 20, 2021
\begin_layout Itemize
Thanks to A.
Filhol for producing a signed
\shape italic
\shape default
package of the software, which can be downloaded under
\begin_inset Flex URL
status open
\begin_layout Plain Layout
(also thanks for setting up the website).
\begin_layout Section*
November 17, 2021
......@@ -510,8 +534,8 @@ literal "false"
\begin_inset CommandInset bibtex
LatexCommand bibtex
btprint "btPrintCited"
bibfiles "/users/tw/sec_home/Projects/repos/thesis/tex/thesis"
options "/users/tw/sec_home/Projects/repos/thesis/libs/thesis_bibstyle"
bibfiles "../tex/thesis"
options "../libs/thesis_bibstyle"
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