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Version 0.5.1

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Version 0.5.1 23/09/2019
* Resync button added in the angles view.
* Added the A3P angle in the angles view.
Version 0.5.0 07/06/2019
* Improvements on the Reciprocal view.
* Migration to Golden Layout.
* Architecture allowing both Electron and Web applications.
* Trajectories feature.
Version 0.2.0 04/06/2018
* SQW feature.
Version 0.1.0 03/11/2017
* Organised dependencies with node modules.
* Enabled panning in 3D Reciprocal view.
"name": "vEXP",
"productName": "vEXP",
"version": "0.5.0",
"version": "0.5.1",
"description": "VEXP",
"main": "js/server/main.js",
"scripts": {
"install": "echo \"Use specific node-gyp command to build the addons.\"",
"start": "ENV=development electron .",
"package-mac": "electron-packager . --overwrite --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --app-version=0.5.0 --icon=assets/icons/mac/icon.icns --prune=true --out=release-builds",
"create-installer-mac": "electron-installer-dmg ./release-builds/vEXP-darwin-x64/ vEXP-0.5.0 --out=release-builds --overwrite --icon=assets/icons/mac/icon.icns",
"package-linux": "electron-packager . --overwrite --platform=linux --arch=x64 --app-version=0.5.0 --icon=assets/icons/png/64x64.png --prune=true --out=release-builds",
"package-mac": "electron-packager . --overwrite --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --app-version=0.5.1 --icon=assets/icons/mac/icon.icns --prune=true --out=release-builds",
"create-installer-mac": "electron-installer-dmg ./release-builds/vEXP-darwin-x64/ vEXP-0.5.1 --out=release-builds --overwrite --icon=assets/icons/mac/icon.icns",
"package-linux": "electron-packager . --overwrite --platform=linux --arch=x64 --app-version=0.5.1 --icon=assets/icons/png/64x64.png --prune=true --out=release-builds",
"test": "echo \"No test specified.\"",
"update-xtal-table": "wget -P resources/",
"build": "webpack"
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