Commit 87b20569 authored by Tobias WEBER's avatar Tobias WEBER

cosmetic change

parent 1cdbc899
......@@ -117,7 +117,8 @@ qgl_funcs* GlPlot_impl::GetGlFunctions(QOpenGLWidget *pWidget)
QPointF GlPlot_impl::GlToScreenCoords(const t_vec_gl& vec4, bool *pVisible)
auto [ vecPersp, vec ] =
m::hom_to_screen_coords<t_mat_gl, t_vec_gl>(vec4, m_matCam, m_matPerspective, m_matViewport, true);
m::hom_to_screen_coords<t_mat_gl, t_vec_gl>
(vec4, m_matCam, m_matPerspective, m_matViewport, true);
// position not visible -> return a point outside the viewport
if(vecPersp[2] > 1.)
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