Commit c973e5f9 authored by Tobias WEBER's avatar Tobias WEBER
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make lists update

parent ddf17577
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
NAMES MnMigrad.h
PATH_SUFFIXES root Minuit2 Minuit root/Minuit2 root/Minuit
HINTS /usr/local/include/ /usr/local/include/Minuit2 /usr/include/ /usr/include/Minuit2 /usr/local/include/root/Minuit2 /usr/include/root/Minuit2 /opt/local/include/root/Minuit2
HINTS /usr/local/include/ /usr/include/ /opt/local/include
DOC "Root/Minuit2 include directories"
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