Verified Commit 13acbbf3 authored by Tobias WEBER's avatar Tobias WEBER
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parent e7164ae9
......@@ -1079,9 +1079,9 @@ void FileFrm<t_real>::ReadHeader(std::istream& istr)
if(m_strInstrIdent == "")
const std::string strRegex = R"REX(([a-z0-9]+)\_responsible)REX";
std::regex rx(strRegex, std::regex::ECMAScript|std::regex_constants::icase);
std::smatch m;
if(std::regex_search(pairLine.first, m, rx) && m.size()>=2)
rex::regex rx(strRegex, rex::regex::ECMAScript|rex::regex_constants::icase);
rex::smatch m;
if(rex::regex_search(pairLine.first, m, rx) && m.size()>=2)
m_strInstrIdent = m[1];
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