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- [Visualising the instrument's angular configuration space](
## Pathfinding
Steps to try out the pathfinding functionality:
- Move existing or add new walls or obstacles to the scene.
- Open the configuration space dialog using the "Calculation" -> "Angular Configuration Space..." menu item.
- Click the "Calculate Mesh" button in the configuration space dialog to compute the roadmap corresponding to the current instrument and wall configuration.
- Click the "Move Instrument Position" and "Move Target Position" radio buttons and click in the configuration space plot to set and move the start and target positions, respectively.
- A path from the start to the target positionis calculated. It can be directly traced by clicking the "Go" button in the main window's "Path Properties" dock window.
## Building
- Install development versions of at least the following external libraries: [*Boost*](, [*Qt*](, and optionally [*Lapack(e)*](
- Clone the source repository: `git clone`.
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