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......@@ -45,3 +45,8 @@ build/**
# Temporary tex files
% collection of useful formulas
% @author Tobias Weber <>
% @date 13-jul-2018
% @license see 'LICENSE' file
\geometry{tmargin=2.5cm, bmargin=2.5cm, lmargin=2cm, rmargin=2cm}
Collection of useful formulas, T. Weber, July 13, 2018.
\section{Scattering Triangle}
\subsection*{Scattering Angle $a_4$}
\left| Q \right> = \left| k_i \right> - \left| k_f \right> \\
\left< Q | Q \right> = \left( \left< k_i \right| - \left< k_f \right| \right) \cdot \left( \left| k_i \right> - \left| k_f \right> \right)
\left< Q | Q \right> = \left< k_i | k_i \right> + \left< k_f | k_f \right> - 2 \left< k_i | k_f \right>
Q^2 = k_i^2 + k_f^2 - 2 k_i k_f \cos a_4
a_4 = \arccos \left( \frac{k_i^2 + k_f^2 - Q^2}{2 k_i k_f} \right)
\subsection*{Rocking Angle $a_3$}
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