Commit 1a82c3d1 authored by Tobias WEBER's avatar Tobias WEBER
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cosmetic change in cov tool

parent fdc12b73
......@@ -270,14 +270,16 @@ def calc_ellipses(Qres_Q):
# shows the 2d ellipses
def plot_ellipses(file, Q4, w, Qmean, ellis):
def plot_ellipses(file, Q4, w, Qmean, ellis, use_tex=False):
import mpl_toolkits.mplot3d as mplot3d
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plot
except ImportError:
print("Matplotlib could not be imported!")
matplotlib.rc("text", usetex=use_tex)
thesymsize = options["symsize"] * w
themarker = "."
......@@ -294,6 +296,12 @@ def plot_ellipses(file, Q4, w, Qmean, ellis):
coord_axes = [[0,3], [1,3], [2,3], [0,1]]
coord_names = ["Qpara (1/A)", "Qperp (1/A)", "Qup (1/A)", "E (meV)"]
if use_tex:
coord_names[0] = "$Q_{\parallel}$ \AA$^{-1}$"
coord_names[1] = "$Q_{\perp}$ \AA$^{-1}$"
coord_names[2] = "$Q_{up}$ \AA$^{-1}$"
ellplots = []
for ellidx in range(num_ellis):
# centre plots on zero or mean Q vector ?
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