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Commit ad056e67 authored by Tobias WEBER's avatar Tobias WEBER

qapp argc bugfix

parent cb2fc974
......@@ -118,7 +118,10 @@ protected:
TakAppl(int argc, char** argv) : QApplication(argc, argv) {}
// need a reference to argc, because the QApplication constructor
// would otherwise take the temporary stack variable
// see: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qapplication.html#QApplication
TakAppl(/*const*/ int& argc, /*const*/ char** argv) : QApplication(argc, argv) {}
virtual ~TakAppl() {}
void SetTakDlg(std::shared_ptr<TazDlg> pDlg) { m_pTakDlg = pDlg; }
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