setup: missing files

parent 2acf9c70
......@@ -111,8 +111,12 @@ cp -v bin/takin_polextract "${PRG}/Contents/MacOS/"
# data files
cp -v setup_mac/Info.plist "${PRG}/Contents/"
cp -rv data/res "${PRG}/Contents/"
cp -v data/res/icons/takin.icns "${PRG}/Contents/Resources/"
cp -rv doc/* "${PRG}/Contents/res/doc/"
cp -v data/res/icons/takin.icns "${PRG}/Contents/Resources/"
cp -v AUTHORS "${PRG}/Contents/Resources/"
cp -v LICENSE "${PRG}/Contents/Resources/"
cp -v LICENSES "${PRG}/Contents/Resources/"
cp -v LITERATURE "${PRG}/Contents/Resources/"
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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