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Commit 62c424a7 authored by eric pellegrini's avatar eric pellegrini

Merge tag '1.0.4.rc3' into develop

version 1.0.4.rc3
parents ab92e3ab 7c0d220c
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Package: mdanse
Version: 1.0.0
Architecture: amd64
Depends: python-wxmpl, pyro, python-vtk
Depends: python-setuptools, python-wxmpl, pyro, python-vtk
Section: Science
Priority: optional
Installed-Size: 1000
version 1.0.4.rc2
* bug fix in debian packager: add the python-setuptools dependency
* improved LAMMPS converter: the parsing of the config file is more tolerance in term of required keyword format
version 1.0.4.rc2
* added support for gitflow bugfix branch to gitlab config file
......@@ -81,21 +81,21 @@ class LAMMPSConfigFile(dict):
for i, line in enumerate(lines):
if self['n_atoms'] is None:
m = re.match("^(\d+) atoms$",line, re.I)
m = re.match("^\s*(\d+)\s*atoms\s*$",line, re.I)
if m:
self['n_atoms'] = int(m.groups()[0])
if self["n_atom_types"] is None:
m = re.match("^(\d+) atom types$",line, re.I)
m = re.match("^\s*(\d+)\s*atom types\s*$",line, re.I)
if m:
self["n_atom_types"] = int(m.groups()[0])
if self['n_bonds'] is None:
m = re.match("^(\d+) bonds$",line, re.I)
m = re.match("^\s*(\d+)\s*bonds\s*$",line, re.I)
if m:
self['n_bonds'] = int(m.groups()[0])
if re.match("^masses$", line, re.I):
if re.match("^\s*masses\s*$", line, re.I):
if self["n_atom_types"] is None:
raise LAMMPSConfigFileError("Did not find the number of atom types.")
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ class LAMMPSConfigFile(dict):
self["elements"][idx] = el[0]
m = re.match("^bonds$",line, re.I)
m = re.match("^\s*bonds\s*$",line, re.I)
if m:
for j in range(1, self['n_bonds']+1):
_,_,at1,at2 = lines[i+j].split()
__version__ = "1.0.4.rc2"
__version__ = "1.0.4.rc3"
__date__ = "22-11-2016"
__date__ = "28-11-2016"
__author__ = "Eric Pellegrini"
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