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  • ADDED Neutron Dynamic Total Structure Factor analysis
  • ADDED User can now launch a script with qvector parameters instead of saved qvector definition
  • FIXED issue #45 MSD computing on non-orthorombic universe was wrong (fixed with new mmtk version) /!\ Modifies MSD, VACF and DoS, and maybe others... /!\ Units in MMTK have slightly changed
  • FIXED issue #44 An error message appeared when display, close and reopen molecular viewer and animation plugins
  • FIXED issue #43 The weights are no more normalized with absolute sum /!\ Modifies at least CCF, DCSF and SSF job behavior
  • FIXED issue #42 Plotter units could be inconsistent
  • FIXED issue #41 Instrument resolution window froze GUI on macOS
  • FIXED issue #40 MDANSE could not be used on Ubuntu Bionic systems (due to vtk dependency name)
  • FIXED issue #38 Interface was frozen when jobs were launched. A delay of 2s is added at the end of jobs before suppressing the status file