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Added docstring to JobController class

Added more self-explanatory variable names
The job controller panel keep on now displaying the finished jobs
parent ed5c28ff
......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ class ClassRegistry(abc.ABCMeta):
The data structure used to store the concrete classes is a nested dictionary whose primary key
is the :py:attr:`type` class attribute of the base class they are inheriting from and secondary key is
their own :py:attr:`type` class attribute. Any concrete class of those interfaces that does not define the
:py:attr:`type` class attribute will not be registered.
their own :py:attr:`type` class attribute. Any concrete class of those interfaces that does not define the :py:attr:`type`
class attribute will not be registered.
__metaclass__ = _Meta
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ class IJob(Configurable):
Sets a name for the job that is not already in use by another running job.
prefix = '%d' %
prefix = '%s_%d' % (PLATFORM.username()[:4],
# The list of the registered jobs.
registeredJobs = [os.path.basename(f) for f in glob.glob(os.path.join(PLATFORM.temporary_files_directory(),'*'))]
......@@ -424,7 +424,7 @@ class IJob(Configurable):
self._name = IJob.define_unique_name()
self._name = "%s_%s" % (self.type,IJob.define_unique_name())
if status:
self._status = JobStatus(self)
......@@ -13,13 +13,13 @@ def EVT_JOB_CRASH(win, func):
class JobControllerEvent(wx.PyEvent):
def __init__(self, registry):
def __init__(self, runningJobs):
self.registry = registry
self.runningJobs = runningJobs
class JobCrashEvent(wx.PyEvent):
......@@ -49,34 +49,53 @@ from MDANSE.GUI.Icons import ICONS
from MDANSE.GUI.Events.JobControllerEvent import EVT_JOB_CONTROLLER, JobControllerEvent
class JobController(threading.Thread):
This class sets up the job controlling daemon that will regurlarly check for the status of running MDANSE jobs.
The job controller run on a separate thread in order to non-block the main thread.
When the thread is running, it will check every 10s the status of the MDANSE running jobs by looking at their
corresponding temporary pickle files. It unpickles them and updates the :py:attr:`_runningJobs` dictionnary used to store
the information about each running jobs (state, progress, eta, name ...). That dictionnary is passed to the job
controller panel widget using wx.PostEvent mechanism. In doing the job controller panel widget just has to bind
to EVT_JOB_CONTROLLER and it will receive the updated version of :py:attr:`_runningJobs` dictionnary every time
the :py:meth:run is called.
__metaclass__ = Singleton
def __init__(self, window, start=False):
:param window: the wx object that will be notify when job controller is updated
:type window: wx object
:param start: if True the job controller thread is started at __init__ stage.
:type start: bool
# The wx object related to this thread
self._window = window
self._stop = threading.Event()
self._registry = collections.OrderedDict()
self._firstCheck = True
self._init = True
self._runningJobs = collections.OrderedDict()
# This variable is used to keep track whether or not it is the first run of the thread.
self._firstThreadRun = True
if start:
def registry(self):
def runningJobs(self):
return self._registry
return self._runningJobs
def kill_job(self, info):
if self._registry.has_key(info["name"]):
if self._runningJobs.has_key(info["name"]):
if info['state'] == 'running':
......@@ -84,7 +103,7 @@ class JobController(threading.Thread):
del self._registry[info["name"]]
del self._runningJobs[info["name"]]
if os.path.exists(info['temporary_file']):
......@@ -112,20 +131,19 @@ class JobController(threading.Thread):
jobs = [f for f in glob.glob(os.path.join(PLATFORM.temporary_files_directory(),'*'))]
# Loop over the job registered at the previous controller check point
for job in self._registry.keys():
for job in self._runningJobs.keys():
# Case where a job has finished during two controller check points (i.e. its temporary file has been deleted)
if self._registry[job]['state'] == 'finished':
del self._registry[job]
if self._runningJobs[job]['state'] == 'finished':
# Case where the jobs has finished properly (e.g. its temporary file has been removed)
if not job in jobs:
self._registry[job]['eta'] = 'N/A'
self._registry[job]['progress'] = 100
self._registry[job]['state'] = 'finished'
start = datetime.datetime.strptime(self._registry[job]["start"],"%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S")
self._registry[job]['elapsed'] = '%02d:%02dh:%02dm:%02ds' % convert_duration(total_seconds( - start))
self._runningJobs[job]['eta'] = 'N/A'
self._runningJobs[job]['progress'] = 100
self._runningJobs[job]['state'] = 'finished'
start = datetime.datetime.strptime(self._runningJobs[job]["start"],"%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S")
self._runningJobs[job]['elapsed'] = '%02d:%02dh:%02dm:%02ds' % convert_duration(total_seconds( - start))
# Loop over the job whose temporary files are still present
for job in jobs:
......@@ -159,20 +177,20 @@ class JobController(threading.Thread):
info["state"] = "aborted"
# If the job was aborted, display the traceback on the dialog logger and remove the corresponding job temporary file
if self._init and info['state'] == 'aborted':
if self._firstThreadRun and info['state'] == 'aborted':
self._registry[name] = info
self._runningJobs[name] = info
wx.PostEvent(self._window, JobControllerEvent(self._registry))
wx.PostEvent(self._window, JobControllerEvent(self._runningJobs))
self._init = False
self._firstThreadRun = False
class JobControllerPanel(wx.ScrolledWindow):
columns = [("name",(150,-1)),("pid",(60,-1)),("start",(150,-1)),("elapsed",(150,-1)),("state",(100,-1)),("progress",(-1,-1)),("eta",(120,-1)),("kill",(50,-1))]
columns = [("name",(180,-1)),("pid",(60,-1)),("start",(150,-1)),("elapsed",(140,-1)),("state",(90,-1)),("progress",(-1,-1)),("eta",(120,-1)),("kill",(50,-1))]
def __init__(self, parent):
......@@ -227,7 +245,7 @@ class JobControllerPanel(wx.ScrolledWindow):
sizer = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)
info = self._jobsController.registry[name]['info'].strip()
info = self._jobsController.runningJobs[name]['info'].strip()
if not info:
info = "No information available about %r job." % name
......@@ -251,7 +269,7 @@ class JobControllerPanel(wx.ScrolledWindow):
sizer = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)
tb = self._jobsController.registry[name]['traceback'].strip()
tb = self._jobsController.runningJobs[name]['traceback'].strip()
if not tb:
tb = "No traceback available about %r job." % name
......@@ -271,15 +289,15 @@ class JobControllerPanel(wx.ScrolledWindow):
d = wx.MessageDialog(None, 'Do you really want to kill job %r ?' % name, 'Question', wx.YES_NO|wx.YES_DEFAULT|wx.ICON_EXCLAMATION)
if d.ShowModal() == wx.ID_YES:
def on_update(self, event):
registry = event.registry
runningJobs = event.runningJobs
for k,v in self._jobs.items():
if registry.has_key(k):
if runningJobs.has_key(k):
row,_ = self._gbSizer.GetItemPosition(v['name'])
......@@ -295,7 +313,7 @@ class JobControllerPanel(wx.ScrolledWindow):
for jobName, jobStatus in registry.items():
for jobName, jobStatus in runningJobs.items():
if jobStatus["state"] == "aborted":
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