Commit 79477b01 authored by eric pellegrini's avatar eric pellegrini
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Updated the file

Changed the name of the template script generated with --js option
parent 3b3b7b6f
......@@ -5,11 +5,15 @@ recursive-include Extensions/qhull_lib *.h *c *.pxd
recursive-include MDANSE/GUI/Resources/Icons *.png
include MDANSEData/elements_database.csv
include MDANSE/Data/elements_database.csv
include MDANSE/Data/Atoms/*
recursive-include UserData *
recursive-include Data *
recursive-include Doc *
include Scripts/*
recursive-include Tests *.py
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ class CommandLineParser(optparse.OptionParser):
name = parser.rargs[0]
# A name for the template is built.
filename = os.path.abspath('' % name.lower())
filename = os.path.abspath('' % name.lower())
# Try to save the template for the job.
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