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Update with CI_BUILD_TAG variable

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......@@ -21,25 +21,26 @@ CYAN="\\033[1;36m"
echo ${CI_BUILD_TAG}
cd ../../../
declare -x MDANSE_VERSION=$(perl -pe '($_)=/([0-9]+([.][0-9]+)+)/' MDANSE/
# old way to get MDANSE version
#declare -x MDANSE_VERSION=$(perl -pe '($_)=/([0-9]+([.][0-9]+)+)/' MDANSE/
# Which version name are we appending to the final archive
# take the latest version of nmoldyn available on the forge
echo -e "$BLEU""Getting last MDANSE revision" "$NORMAL"
# Get revision number from git (without trailing newline)
# export REV_NUMBER=$(git rev-list --count HEAD)
# echo "$BLEU""Revision number is -->${REV_NUMBER}<--" "$NORMAL"
REV_NUMBER=$(git rev-list --count HEAD)
echo "$BLEU""Revision number is -->${REV_NUMBER}<--" "$NORMAL"
# Add current revision number to python source code (will appear in "About..." dialog)
# see
# sed -i "" "s/__revision__ = \"undefined\"/__revision__ = \"${REV_NUMBER}\"/" MDANSE/
sed -i "/__version__/c\__version__ = '${CI_BUILD_TAG}'" MDANSE/
sed -i "/__revision__/c\__revision__ = '${REV_NUMBER}'/" MDANSE/
# Now build last version and install it in our homebrewed python
echo -e "$BLEU""Building MDANSE" "$NORMAL"
......@@ -92,9 +93,9 @@ rm -rf dist/
rm -rf dist/
#Add MDANSE version file (should read the version from the bundle with pyobjc, but will figure that out later)
echo "${MDANSE_VERSION}"> dist/
echo "${CI_BUILD_TAG"> dist/
rm -f ./${MDANSE_DMG}
rm -f ./rw.${MDANSE_DMG}
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