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updated the __pkginfo__ and CHANGELOG files

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version 1.0.6
* the bug report button opens now the default mail client for sending bug report
* the __pkginfo__ is now updated with the commit id when MDANSE is built
version 1.0.5
* bug fix on macos when closing the application from the Finder: the jobs manager thread was not properly closed
* the macos dmg file was corrupted due to the use of pkg_resources module for storing resources
version 1.0.4.rc4
* bug fix in coordination number analysis: some pairs were never taken into account
__version__ = "1.0.5"
__version__ = "1.0.6"
__date__ = "06-03-2017"
__date__ = "07-03-2017"
__author__ = "Eric Pellegrini"
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