Commit 2c406958 authored by Remi Perenon's avatar Remi Perenon
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Merge branch 'hotfix-time_scale_on_gromacs_converter' into 'release-1.2.x'

Hotfix time scale on gromacs converter

See merge request !39
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version 1.2.1
* FIXED issue #39 Time scale in Gromacs converter was incorrect
version 1.2.0
* ADDED issue #27 Better error handling when an error occurs when running an analysis from the GUI
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ class GromacsConverter(Converter):
# The current time.
t = times[0]*Units.fs
t = times[0]*
# Store a snapshot of the current configuration in the output trajectory.
self._snapshot(data={'time': t})
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