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completed the 1.0.3.d

parent 51645b6e
version 1.0.3.c:
* redirected the sys.stdout and sys.stderr to the LOGGER
* implemented a write method so as ConsoleHandler behaves as a file-like object
* the job short name appears now explicitely in the saved job files
* small refactoring of MDANSE __init__
* small refactoring of ClassRegistry
* removed the explicit imports of the framework classes
* the plotter show the last loaded data now
* bug fix in rmsd job: the PBC were not applied to the calculation
* bug fix in AtomSelectionConfigurator::get_indexes
* bug fix when saving user definitions
* bug fix with the initial size of the user definitions plugins
* updated the job template writing
__version__ = "1.0.3.c"
__version__ = "1.0.3.d"
__date__ = "08-11-2016"
__date__ = "18-11-2016"
__author__ = "Eric Pellegrini"
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