Commit fcd33ec6 authored by Gonzalez, Miguel's avatar Gonzalez, Miguel
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Issue 25 (str_fit). Removing dummy lines that I had used for testing

parent 159a0425
......@@ -8713,10 +8713,6 @@ printf,u,ChiText
if n_elements(incmd) eq 1 then printf,u,'Call: '+incmd else printf,u,' '
printf,u,' '
chi = 1.1111
phi = 2.2222
angl = 3.3333
if inst ne '?' then begin
printf, u, format='("Spectra", 2x, "pseudo_V", 1x, "e", 11x, "height", 9x, "e", $)'
printf, u, format='(14x, "center", 7x, "e", 16x, "fWmH", 11x, "e", 14x, "background", $)'
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