Commit eb645506 authored by Gonzalez, Miguel's avatar Gonzalez, Miguel

Correct position of instrument line to ensure that the call to lamp_journal works on all cases

parent 2cf50b4e
......@@ -50,8 +50,8 @@ pasp = 1
if n_elements(datp) eq 0 then take_datp, datp else pasp = 0
; Detector distance
inst = strlowcase((strsplit(datp.other_tit, /extract))[0])
if n_elements(e_d) eq 1 then r = e_d else begin
inst = strlowcase((strsplit(datp.other_tit, /extract))[0])
case inst of
'd2b': r = 130.0
'salsa': r = 100.0
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