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Added comment to explain how default masks are defined

parent 8c6901c1
......@@ -206,7 +206,13 @@ case flagg of
disQDEP:disQdep, attenuF:attenuF, NegMask:NegMask}
'Mask': begin & case index of ;Initial mask for selected instruments, [first entry is for size] else [x1,y1,nx,ny]
;Initial mask for each instruments,
;The first entry gives the detector size, while all the other entries
;define the masked zones.
;The format [x1,y1,nx,ny] indicates that the bottom left part of the
;mask starts on pixel (x1,y1) and extends nx pixels horizontally and
;ny pixels vertically.
'Mask': begin & case index of
0: begin ;** D11 **
sans_masq =[[1L,1,128,128], [1,1 ,128,1],[1,2 ,128,1],[1,128 ,128,1]]
sans_masq =[[sans_masq],[1,1,1,128],[128,1,1,128],[2,3,1,1],[127,3,1,1],[2,126,2,2],[126,126,2,2]]
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