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S. Rols added keyword /constant to conv_ins routine

parent bd9738fd
FUNCTION conv_ins, w_in , pc, cutoff, intrange,W_FWHM=W_FWHM
FUNCTION conv_ins, w_in , pc, cutoff, intrange,W_FWHM=W_FWHM,CONSTANT=CONSTANT
;******* ********
;** User callable
......@@ -10,16 +10,19 @@ FUNCTION conv_ins, w_in , pc, cutoff, intrange,W_FWHM=W_FWHM
;** y=(1/w.sqrt(pi/2))exp(-2(x-x0)^2/w^2)
;** output spectrum in wavenumbers
;** ------------------------------------------------------
;** call is w2=conv_ins(w1,0.05, 1.5, 3.0)
;** call is w2=conv_ins(w1,0.05, 1.5, 3.0, /constant)
;** w1 is workspace to be convoluted
;** 0.05 is width of Gaussian resolution, a % of energy transfer
;** 1.5 is a cutoff to prevent divergence at small E
;** intrange is to integrate over the whole Gaussian
;** /constant indicates that pc is not a percentage but a value of FWHM constant over the total range
;** W_FWHM is the workspace number where the evolution of the FWHM as a function of energy is stored (useful for TOF)
; modified 20/8/2008 to loop through a 2d array, energy along x
; comment 7/10/2008 needs further modification to work on 1D arrays
; done 13/3/2009
; Modified by SR 01/2016 to include /constant keyword and W_FWHM option
take_datp, datp & w_out = w_in & w_temp1=w_in[*,0] & w_temp2=w_in[*,0]
......@@ -50,10 +53,14 @@ w_temp1=w_in[*,i_q]
for i_orig=0,N-1 do begin
;define Gaussian, wd is width, pc is pcage of energy transfer, 1.17741 is sqrt(2ln2)
;0.79788 is pre-exp to give unit intensity, pc=0.02 read as parameter
if (not i_fromwksp) then wd=e_i[i_orig]*pc/1.177410 else wd=w_fromwksp[i_orig]/1.177410
if (not i_fromwksp) then begin
if (keyword_set(CONSTANT)) then wd=pc/1.177410 else wd=e_i[i_orig]*pc/1.177410
endif else wd=w_fromwksp[i_orig]/1.177410
if (wd LT w_cutoff) then begin
;select range for intrangeation, intrange=3.0 read as parameter
grange=intrange*wd/e_step & igrange=floor(grange)
;print, igrange
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