Commit aece9787 authored by Gonzalez, Miguel's avatar Gonzalez, Miguel
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Change to str_fit output for Salsa, to have always a list of points in the first column

parent f4bf9be1
......@@ -9143,6 +9143,8 @@ if inst ne '?' then begin
if n_elements(chi) gt 0 then printf, u, format='(14x, "Chi", $)'
if n_elements(phi) gt 0 then printf, u, format='(12x, "Phi", $)'
if n_elements(angl) gt 0 then printf, u, format='(10x, "Anglesx1000", $)'
;change Y axis, as they prefer to have an index of points in first column
if inst eq 'SALSA' then YY = indgen(n_elements(YY)) + 1
printf, u, format=''
for i=0,nspec-1 do begin
for k=0,nk-1 do begin
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