Commit ac465bbb authored by Miguel Angel Gonzalez's avatar Miguel Angel Gonzalez
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Added option to try to read from internalUse when a numor is not found in...

Added option to try to read from internalUse when a numor is not found in current data directory (issue #41)
parent b0c70ed0
......@@ -9103,6 +9103,8 @@ common c_sans_cur_aXY
common c_sans_place, TRplace, SPplace
common c_lamp_par
common c_lamp2par
common c_lamp_access, path_for_online
FX =sans_supl[30]
......@@ -9197,7 +9199,24 @@ for i=frst,n_elements(uv)-1 do begin
XICUTER,"w"+ws+"=rdopr('"+oprx+"'"+danibl+")" ;******************... READING ...*******************
;******************... READING ...*******************
; Check if some data were read, if not try to read from internalUse
take_w, data, w=ws
sz = size(data)
if sz[0] eq 0 then begin
sans_settings_lampies, getpth=current_path
inst = strlowcase(path_for_online)
pos = strpos(current_path, inst)
if pos gt 0 then begin
internal_path = strmid(current_path, 0, pos+strlen(inst))
internal_path += path_sep() + 'internalUse' + path_sep() + 'rawdata' + path_sep()
sans_settings_lampies, setpth=internal_path
;restore initial path
sans_settings_lampies, setpth=current_path
if (sans_supl[64] eq 4.) and (istrans) and (n_tags(TofFlux) gt 1) then begin
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