Commit 536bd012 authored by Miguel Angel Gonzalez's avatar Miguel Angel Gonzalez
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Issue 54. Update Cosmos to handle new NeXus versions

parent 4ed839b3
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......@@ -344,9 +344,16 @@ pro cosmos_globals
c_results = {}
cosmos_version = '3.3.15'
cosmos_version = '3.3.16'
cosmos_help_message = [$
'COSMOS V. 3.3.16',$
'7 May 2021',$
'Updated to read correctly the different NeXus versions.',$
'For NeXus v. >=2, Ascii and NeXus should give the same result for D17.',$
'In the case of Figaro, there is a discrepancy in the sample to detector',$
'distance that still needs to be resolved.',$
'COSMOS V. 3.3.15',$
'25 January 2021',$
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