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......@@ -5,3 +5,7 @@ This project aims to benchmark different schemes of Python-Fortran bindings
## TestForpy
This folder tests [forpy](
The scripts have been tested on Ubuntu18.04 with gfortran.
## TestF2py
This folder tests [f2py](
The scripts have been tested on MacOS High Sierra and Ubuntu18.04 with gfortran
f2py -c -m my_lib my_lib.f90
main: my_lib*.so
This folder contains an example to use Fortran features in Python with `f2py` (which is available from `numpy`).
This example was taken from
It has be tested on MacOS High Sierra and Ubuntu 18.04 with gfortran.
To run the scripts, please refer to the `Makefile`.
# Example from
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import my_lib as ml
# Read matrix from text file as double precision matrix.
I = plt.imread('image0.png')
# Threshold value.
t = 0.3
# Call the fortran routine.
T = ml.threshold_image(image=I, threshold=t)
# Plot the images.
fig, axes = plt.subplots(1, 2)
axes[0].axis('off'); axes[0].set_title('Original')
axes[1].axis('off'); axes[1].set_title('Thresholded at %.2f' % t)
! Example from
subroutine threshold_image(image, n, threshold, output)
! Inputs: image, n, threshold.
! Output: output
! output(i,j) is 1 if image(i,j) > threshold and 0 otherwise.
integer n
real(8) threshold
real(8), dimension(n,n) :: image, output
!f2py intent(in) :: image, threshold
!f2py intent(hide), depend(image) :: n = shape(image, 0)
!f2py intent(out) output
write(*,*) "Hello from the Fortran subroutine!"
! Loop through columns and rows and threshold the image.
do j=1,n
do i=1,n
if (image(i,j) > threshold) then
output(i,j) = 1.0
output(i,j) = 0.0
end if
end do
end do
end subroutine
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