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asind declared in CFML_EoS_Mod.f90

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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
Module CFML_EoS
!---- Use Modules ----!
Use CFML_GlobalDeps, only: cp, pi,to_rad
Use CFML_Math_General, only: Debye,ERR_MathGen,ERR_MathGen_Mess,First_Derivative,Second_Derivative,splint,Diagonalize_SH,tand,cosd,sind
Use CFML_Math_General, only: Debye,ERR_MathGen,ERR_MathGen_Mess,First_Derivative,Second_Derivative,splint,Diagonalize_SH,tand,cosd,sind,asind
Use CFML_Crystal_Metrics, only: Crystal_Cell_Type,Get_Cryst_Family,Volume_Sigma_from_Cell,Strain_Tensor_type,Fix_tensor,Set_Crystal_Cell,Orient_Eigenvectors,Calc_Paxes_Angles,Init_Strain_Tensor
Use CFML_String_Utilities
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