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cd ..\Src
dos2unix *.f90
cd ..
cd Src08
dos2unix *.f90
dos2unix CFML_Atoms\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_DiffPat\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_EoS\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_ExtinCorr\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_FFT\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Geom\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_gSpaceGroups\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_HDF5\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_IOForm\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Maths\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Messages\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Metrics\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Profiles\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Random\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Rational\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Reflections\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Strings\*.f90
dos2unix CFML_Tables\*.f90
dos2unix Testing\CFLs\*.f90
dos2unix Testing\CIFs\*.f90
dos2unix Testing\Groups\*.f90
dos2unix Testing\Grp_230\*.f90
dos2unix Testing\Hall_Symbols\*.f90
dos2unix Testing\Similar\*.f90
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