If you are using GitLab outside of the ILL, then you will need to use HTTPS and not SSH for clone/push/pull operations. SSH will work normally if you are using the VPN.

Commits (3)
hosts: all
remote_user: root
- name: configure no_proxy environment variable
configured_no_proxy: "{{ master_ips }},{{ node_ips }},0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,{{ lookup('env','no_proxy') }}"
- name: setup docker
import_playbook: setup_docker.yml
- name: install kubernetes
import_playbook: setup_kubernetes.yml
- name: setup environment variables (noproxy ...)
import_playbook: setup_environment.yml
- name: setup the kubernetes cluster
import_playbook: setup_cluster.yml
- name: join the nodes to the cluster
import_playbook: join_nodes.yml
- name: setup helm/tiller package manager
import_playbook: setup_helm.yml
- hosts: all
remote_user: "{{ user_name }}"
- name: update password
name: "{{ user_name }}"
update_password: always
password: "{{ user_pass }}"