Commit bf4b7859 authored by Eric Pellegrini's avatar Eric Pellegrini

cosmetic changes

parent 1ec46540
# tasks file for roles/jupyterhub
- apt:
- name: install python3-pip
name: python3-pip
force_apt_get: True
state: present
update_cache: True
become_user: root
become: True
- pip:
- name: install python-keycloak package
name: python-keycloak
become_user: root
become: True
- block:
......@@ -19,7 +23,7 @@
- name: create visa jupyter environment
command: "{{ conda_exe }} env create -f /tmp/environment_visa_jupyter.yml --force"
- name: install jupyter labextension
shell: |
source "{{ conda_install_dir }}/etc/profile.d/"
......@@ -29,4 +33,3 @@
executable: /bin/bash
conda_exe: "{{ conda_install_dir }}/bin/conda"
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