Commit 9f85bec9 authored by eric pellegrini's avatar eric pellegrini

renamed different plays

parent f84f4472
ssh_keypair: ~/in5-keypair
ssh_hosts: 192.168.14.*
vm_admin: si-admin
mysql_host: 192.168.14.%
- name: setup openstack domain(s)
import_playbook: setup_os_domains.yml
import_playbook: os_domains.yml
- name: setup openstack project(s)
import_playbook: setup_os_projects.yml
import_playbook: os_projects.yml
- name: setup openstack user(s)
import_playbook: setup_os_users.yml
import_playbook: os_users.yml
- name: setup openstack flavor(s)
import_playbook: setup_os_flavors.yml
import_playbook: os_flavors.yml
- name: setup and configure openstack network(s)
import_playbook: setup_os_networks.yml
import_playbook: os_networks.yml
- name: setup openstack keypair(s)
import_playbook: setup_os_keypairs.yml
import_playbook: os_keypairs.yml
- name: setup openstack vms
import_playbook: setup_os_vms.yml
import_playbook: os_vms.yml
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