If you are using GitLab outside of the ILL, then you will need to use HTTPS and not SSH for clone/push/pull operations. SSH will work normally if you are using the VPN.

Commit 52bcc792 authored by eric pellegrini's avatar eric pellegrini

added playbook and associated roles for setting the cluster

parent 204e0630
- hosts: master
remote_user: root
no_proxy: "{{ configured_no_proxy }}"
NO_PROXY: "{{ configured_no_proxy }}"
- role: roles/initialize-control-plane
- role: roles/initialize-cluster
become_user: kubernetes-admin
become: yes
# tasks file for initialize-cluster
- name: (re)initialize the kubernetes cluster
command: kubeadm init --node-name={{ master_name }} --pod-network-cidr={{ pod_network_cidr }}
# tasks file for create-admin
- name: remove previous kubernetes configuration file
path: "{{ kubernetes_admin_home }}/.kube"
state: absent
- name: create ~/.kube file
path: "{{ kubernetes_admin_home }}/.kube"
state: directory
- name: copy default kubernetes configuration file to ~/.kube
src: /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf
dest: "{{ kubernetes_admin_home }}/.kube/config"
remote_src: yes
become: yes
- name: change ownership of ~/.kube/config
path: "{{ kubernetes_admin_home }}/.kube/config"
owner: kubernetes-admin
group: kubernetes
become: yes
- name: install cni provider for pod network
command: kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/coreos/{{cni_provider}}/a70459be0084506e4ec919aa1c114638878db11b/Documentation/kube-{{cni_provider}}.yml
- name: generate the kubernetes join command
command: kubeadm token create --print-join-command
register: kub_join_command
- name: copy join command to local file
local_action: copy content="{{ kub_join_command.stdout }}" dest="~/kub-join-command.sh"
# tasks file for initialize-cluster
- name: (re)initialize the kubernetes cluster
command: kubeadm init --node-name={{ inventory_hostname }} --pod-network-cidr={{ pod_network_cidr }}
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