Commit 53ee8bf1 authored by legoc's avatar legoc
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Create a request socket to cancel the publisher

parent 260fa990
......@@ -157,16 +157,13 @@ public class PublisherImpl {
CancelPublisherSyncCommand command = CancelPublisherSyncCommand.newBuilder().build();
try {
Zmq.Msg reply = application.tryRequest(request, endpoint);
byte[] messageData = reply.getFirstData();
RequestResponse requestResponse = null;
requestResponse = RequestResponse.parseFrom(messageData);
} catch (InvalidProtocolBufferException e) {
throw new UnexpectedException("Cannot parse response");
// Create the request socket. We can create it here because it should be called only once.
RequestSocket requestSocket = application.createRequestSocket(endpoint);
// Terminate the socket.
public void send(byte[] data) {
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