Commit 18b4869a authored by legoc's avatar legoc
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Factorised ServerImpl.start

parent edf172e4
......@@ -244,35 +244,7 @@ public class ServerImpl extends ServicesImpl {
* @throws ConnectionTimeout
public InstanceImpl start(String name, int options, String instanceReference) {
boolean outputStream = ((options & Option.OUTPUTSTREAM) != 0);
InstanceImpl instance = new InstanceImpl(this);
// we set the name of the application and register before starting because the id is not available
try {
// we connect to the stream port before starting the application
// so that we are sure that the ENDSTREAM message will be received even if the application terminates rapidly
if (outputStream) {
Response response = startApplication(name, null, instanceReference);
if (response.getValue() == -1) {
} else {
} catch (ConnectionTimeout e) {
return instance;
return start(name, null, options, instanceReference);
public InstanceImpl start(String name, String serverEndpoint) {
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