Commit 72927434 authored by Hélène Ortiz's avatar Hélène Ortiz

version 4.0.73

parent 96d81ff5
......@@ -338,6 +338,12 @@ incomingChatMessage=You have a new message!
authorizedRemoteControlToolTip=Forbid remote control to Nomad
forbiddenRemoteControlToolTip=Allow remote control to Nomad
usersImageToolTip=See connected users
videoImageToolTip=Join meeting room
noMeetingURLFoundMessage=Unable to find any meeting for current proposal!
meetingURLCopiedInClipboardMessage=URL to join proposal's meeting is ready to be pasted in VISA clipboard.
noMeetingForInternalUseMessage=Meeting not available for internal use.
errorWhileOpeningMeetingURLMessage=An error occurred while joining meeting room.
mustLogInToJoinMeetingMessage=You must log in to join meeting room.
serverEndedOnErrorMessage=An error occurred, the server is no longer running.\nThe client is going to be shutdown.
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