Commit 24eb92de authored by Hélène Ortiz's avatar Hélène Ortiz


parent e2036aa2
......@@ -328,9 +328,12 @@ closeChatMessage=Close chat
openChatMessage=Open chat
chatSendMessageLabel=Send a message
chatShellTitle=Online chat
usersShellTitle=Connected users
incomingChatMessage=You have a new message!
authorizedRemoteControlToolTip=Forbid remote control to Nomad
forbiddenRemoteControlToolTip=Allow remote control to Nomad
usersImageToolTip=See connected users
serverEndedOnErrorMessage=An error occurred, the server is no longer running.\nThe client is going to be shutdown.
serverEndedOnKilledMessage=Nomad server has been killed.\nThe client is going to be shutdown.
......@@ -354,3 +357,6 @@ logAsAdminMessage=Log as administrator
cannotEnableRACIfAdminLoggedInMessage=Cannot authorize remote access while administrator is logged in!
enableRemoteAccessMessage=Enable remote access
widgetIsDisableForRemoteClientMessage=File Chooser is not available on remote client yet!\nPlease type the file name in the text box.
usersControllerMissingMessage=Functionnality not yet configured on this instrument.\nContact SCI
nomadlogsNotAvailableOnVisaMessage=Nomadlogs is not available yet on Visa instances.\nUse your web browser to see logs.
\ No newline at end of file
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