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For example, the application can be launched with Nomad:
Compile the jar:
$ java -jar target/nomad-3d-editor-0.0.2-full.jar tcp://localhost:7000:n3d
$ mvn clean package
The application can be launched with a connection to Nomad e.g:
$ java -jar target/nomad-3d-editor-0.0.3-full.jar tcp://localhost:7000:n3d
Or standalone:
$ java -jar target/nomad-3d-editor-0.0.2-full.jar --no-link
$ java -jar target/nomad-3d-editor-0.0.3-full.jar --no-link
For windows, ensure that jzmq.dll and libzmq.dll are accessible from the path.
Basic use:
- Open a converted model e.g. Test-converted/full.xml.
- Apply some operations.
- Save the current view in Test-converted.
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<!-- Force the compilation with 1.8 -->
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