Commit 4a63cf1c authored by legoc's avatar legoc
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Passing Model to Nomad3DExporter.writeForViewer()

parent 3003ea3c
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ public class EditorMenuBar extends MenuBar {
// Save the viewer file.
Nomad3DExporter exporter = new Nomad3DExporter();
Nomad3DEditor editor = Nomad3DEditor.getInstance();
exporter.writeForViewer(editor.getModel().getDisplayedRoot(), hideBBDiagonal, selectedFile);
exporter.writeForViewer(editor.getModel(), hideBBDiagonal, selectedFile);
String viewPath = selectedFile.getAbsolutePath();
String geometriesPath = editor.getModel().getDirectoryPath();
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