Commit 41e41f3a authored by yannick legoc's avatar yannick legoc
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Removed useless some calc properties from VEXPController

parent bb6b30a0
......@@ -67,16 +67,6 @@ VEXPController::VEXPController(const string& name) :
a5.init(this, NOSAVE, "a5");
a6.init(this, NOSAVE, "a6");
calcqh.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcqh");
calcqk.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcqk");
calcql.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcql");
calcen.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcen");
calcqm.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcqm");
calcki.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcki");
calckf.init(this, NOSAVE, "calckf");
calcvalues.init(this, NOSAVE, "calcvalues");
calca1.init(this, NOSAVE, "calca1");
......@@ -86,9 +76,6 @@ VEXPController::VEXPController(const string& name) :
calca5.init(this, NOSAVE, "calca5");
calca6.init(this, NOSAVE, "calca6");
calctrigger.init(this, NOSAVE, "calctrigger");
calculationStatus.init(this, NOSAVE, "calculation_status");
errorMessage.init(this, NOSAVE, "error_message");
moveModel.init(this, SAVE, "move_model");
......@@ -157,12 +144,6 @@ double toDouble(double value) {
return value;
void VEXPController::refreshCalcTrigger(int32 value) {
//cout << "refreshCalcTrigger " << value << endl;
calculate(calcki(), calckf(), calcqh(), calcqk(), calcql());
void VEXPController::refreshFloat64Property(SimpleProperty<float64>& property, float64 value) {
// Update the value.
......@@ -250,7 +231,6 @@ void VEXPController::postConfiguration() {
// To calculate the angles.
registerRefresher(calctrigger, &VEXPController::refreshCalcTrigger, this);
registerRefresher(calcvalues, &VEXPController::refreshCalcParameters, this);
// To move the model.
......@@ -45,7 +45,6 @@ public:
void updateBMatrix();
void refreshCalcParameters(const std::string& value);
void refreshCalcTrigger(int32 value);
void refreshFloat64Property(SimpleProperty<float64>& property, float64 value);
void refreshFloat64PropertyToMoveModel(SimpleProperty<float64>& property, float64 value);
......@@ -88,16 +87,6 @@ public:
Property<float64> a5;
Property<float64> a6;
// Calculated properties.
Property<float64> calcqh;
Property<float64> calcqk;
Property<float64> calcql;
Property<float64> calcen;
Property<float64> calcqm;
Property<float64> calcki;
Property<float64> calckf;
// JSON String property containing the calculated properties. Use it or the direct properties.
Property<std::string> calcvalues;
......@@ -108,8 +97,6 @@ public:
Property<float64> calca5;
Property<float64> calca6;
Property<int32> calctrigger;
StatusProperty calculationStatus;
Property<std::string> errorMessage;
Property<bool> moveModel;
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