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Commented VEXPController

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......@@ -31,6 +31,18 @@
namespace vexp {
* The VEXPController is the bridge between Nomad and the vEXP application.
* It groups the properties needed by vEXP:
* - Sample properties: as, bs, ... U, B matrices.
* - Scattering properties: qh, ... qm, ki, kf.
* - Angle properties: A1...A6.
* These properties are synchronized with the Nomad controllers.
* The vEXP application is reading these properties when it synchronizes with Nomad (startup and resync).
* When the vEXP application requests a calculation of the angles, it sends the property calcvalues.
* Then the calculation is triggered and calca1...calca6 are calculated by the other Nomad controllers.
class VEXPController : public ExperimentController {
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