Commit 444c1bb0 authored by helene ortiz's avatar helene ortiz
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Bug fixed in Variables plugin

parent 47a287f1
......@@ -104,9 +104,12 @@ public class VariablesControllerSetupPlugin extends ClientControllerSetupPlugin
return new VariableModificationResult(DISABLED_VARIABLE_WARNING, e.getMessage());
} catch (VariableExistsException e) {
return new VariableModificationResult(ALREADY_EXIST_EXCEPTION, e.getMessage()); // should not happen because caught before
} catch (Throwable e) {
// Should not happen.
} catch (NoSuchVariableException e) {
return new VariableModificationResult(NO_SUCH_VARIABLE_EXCEPTION, e.getMessage());
} catch (InvalidExpressionException e) {
return new VariableModificationResult(INVALID_EXPRESSION_EXCEPTION, e.getMessage());
} catch (UnremovableVariableException e) {
return new VariableModificationResult(UNREMOVABLE_VARIABLE_EXCEPTION, e.getMessage());
return new VariableModificationResult(VARIABLE_CREATION_OK, "");
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