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Commit 1a981228 authored by legoc's avatar legoc

Removed method getDynamicPropertyDescriptor(String genericPropertyName) from...

Removed method getDynamicPropertyDescriptor(String genericPropertyName) from PropertyDatabase as it should contain the servant id
parent 32117594
......@@ -134,19 +134,6 @@ public class PropertyDatabase {
return properties.get(id);
public DynamicPropertyDescriptor getDynamicPropertyDescriptor(String genericPropertyName) {
Iterator<Entry<Integer, DynamicPropertyDescriptor>> it = dynamicProperties.entrySet().iterator();
while (it.hasNext()) {
Entry<Integer, DynamicPropertyDescriptor> entry = it.next();
if (entry.getValue().getName().equals(genericPropertyName)) {
return entry.getValue();
return null;
public void removeDynamicPropertyDescriptors(int servantId) {
// only clearing the set for the servant ID
if (dynamicPropertiesByServant.containsKey(servantId)) {
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