Commit d8bfd350 authored by Hélène Ortiz's avatar Hélène Ortiz

Add a method to find the controller name of a property when we are sure

that this controller is not a driver
parent c091c2ac
......@@ -865,6 +865,15 @@ public abstract class Property implements ServerPropertyChangeListener, ICommand
public String getControllerNameForDynamicOrNot() {
int servantId = PropertyDatabase.getInstance().getServantIdForProperty(id);
if (servantId == -1) {
servantId = PropertyDatabase.getInstance().getServantIdForDynamicProperty(id);
return getServantName(servantId);
private String getServantName(int servantId) {
if (ServantDatabase.getInstance().isController(servantId)) {
return ServantDatabase.getInstance().getControllerName(servantId);
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