Commit aa542dfa authored by ics's avatar ics

change parameterizable scan 1d for managing inherance

parent beb79473
......@@ -99,4 +99,5 @@ public interface IParameterizableScan1D {
public String getFitOrder(Map<String, Property> properties);
public String getMoment(Map<String, Property> properties);
public void loadVariable(String role, String propertyName, String value, List<Variable> variables, OptimizationParameters optimizationParameters);
public void setRole(String newRole);
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -535,7 +535,7 @@ public class ServantManagerAccessor {
ControllerServant controller = null;
if (descriptor.getType().equals(PARAMETERIZABLE_SCAN_1D)) {
if (descriptor.getType().contains(PARAMETERIZABLE_SCAN_1D)) {
controller = new IcsParameterizableScan1D(DATABASE_ID, descriptor.getId(), descriptor);
} else {
controller = new ControllerServant(DATABASE_ID, descriptor.getId(), descriptor);
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