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Commit 5118c355 authored by helene ortiz's avatar helene ortiz
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Back-pedaling: rather than adding a parameter to getFileContent, I add a

second method
parent 61406a53
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
......@@ -3214,7 +3214,7 @@ public class CommandZoneAccessor {
public synchronized String getFileContent(String fileName, boolean addServerHome) throws ResourceNotFoundException {
public synchronized String getFileContent(String fileName) throws ResourceNotFoundException {
// Create the message type.
CommandZoneRequests.Message type = CommandZoneRequests.Message.newBuilder()
......@@ -3223,7 +3223,6 @@ public class CommandZoneAccessor {
// Create the request.
CommandZoneRequests.GetFileContentRequest request = CommandZoneRequests.GetFileContentRequest.newBuilder()
commandBoxRequester.sendTwoParts(type.toByteArray(), request.toByteArray());
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